Random fave beauty tip…

I can’t remember who told me this but I love it. I have Bettie bangs and most days they’re fun but summer in vegas can be 120 and they’ll kill me. I hear to spritz dry shampoo on the underside to keep them from sticking to my sweaty face. Magical! My forehead isn’t an oil slick! Maybe it helps that when I’m home I do a mask on my forehead and pin back the bangs or that I sometimes swipe a dry deodorant stick across it… Not sure which thing works but something is working! Thank God for Oscar Blandi. 😛

On that note, it’s pretty much summer in Vegas! Gonna hit 100 tomorrow! Ewwww. Here are some pool pictures from my day off. Got hooked up with a daybed at Bagatelle. Really pretty pool, odd amount of Lil Wayne playing but on the bright side, it was quiet. No orange fist pumpers. 

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