To Do List

I’m bored and there’s not much going on so I thought I would put together a list of things I want to do this year or next. It’s more for myself than anything because I’m much more likely to do it if it’s typed up. 🙂

  • Go fishing. I want to go fishing so bad, it’s been a really long time. I’d prefer to do it in Tishomingo in a camo trucker hat but I will settle for Lake Havasu or Big Bear until I can do that.
  • Stomp grapes. In Napa. I don’t want to drink the wine from the grapes I stomp, I just want to stomp them.
  • Lounge on a sail boat. This one should be easy since Marc has one. 🙂
  • Do a mini spa retreat. Nothing extravagant. Just something girly and fairly economical.
  • Kayak. I’ve never been on a kayak before. I think I wanna fix that.
  • Learn to surf. With the two year time limit, this one should be easy enough. Plus I have a super cute instructor in mind and he’s free of charge. 😛
  • Pet a penguin. To get over my fear of penguins. And before you laugh, you’d be scared too if one almost attacked you (more on that in a future post). The aquarium in Tampa does a penguin meet and greet. Thinking this would be therapeutic.
  • Go on a riverboat. Preferably with a big wheel in the back but I won’t be picky.
  • Hit up a great jazz club.
  • Drink a sidecar and do the Lindy Hop. Or more accurately, try a sidecar for the first time and learn the Lindy Hop.
There are so many places I want to go. I know a lot of people have a preference of city, beach, desert, mountains, or country. I want to do them all. There are a lot of retreats I want to do that are within six hours of Vegas. I would love to move back east in a couple years so I feel like I need to do these trips now when they’re drivable or easy to get to. Let’s see how much I can accomplish!

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