Brad Paisley 2012

Last January, my girls and I went to the Brad Paisley concert at Mandalay Bay. I’ve never been able to coordinate such a big group before for a show, so this was pretty awesome. There were six of us total. We were in the back section but at Mandalay Bay, there really aren’t any bad seats. I’ve been in this section countless times and the view is always pretty great. Besides, the other girls were too drunk to care and the zoom on my camera (I was sober) was good enough to get some great shots.
We got to the show late so we only caught The Band Perry’s whole opening performance before the main show. It was a great start to a really fun night!

The show was awesome. The graphics on the stage were beautiful and Brad is just super interactive with the crowd. At one point, someone was proposing right in the pit and Brad serenaded them and everything. So cool! Kimberly Perry came on stage for Whisky Lullaby and the holograph of Carrie Underwood managed to fool all the drunks. 🙂
After the show, we headed to Chateau Nightclub to hang out and party. Such a fun night with some of my fave girls. 

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