I should not be allowed into Target or Walmart on my lunch breaks. I usually end up coming out with about $35 worth of random things. All useful; however, still random. This post is also fairly random.
  • I am so super glad that Banana Boat started making their mini spray sunblocks for $1.99 at Target. I bought the awesome Super Good travel size a couple months ago and though I love the smell and texture of it, $13 for a travel size is kind of rough when you try to reapply often. The Banana Boat one smells decently refreshing (not quite as good) and is not greasy either and for $1.99, I stocked up. 
  • I just saw energy jelly beans at Walmart yesterday. I got a pack for my next roadtrip… Let’s see if these really work…
  • I’m going to start filling contact lens cases with facial masks and night cream for trips. I usually can’t afford a real spa getaway, but at least when I’m chilling in the room (cuz I usually retire kind of early), I can do a mask and watch some TV which I usually wouldn’t bother spending the time on back home. Maybe I’ll fill the other side with cooling leg gel instead of night cream…

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