Happy Sunday!

For most people, Sundays consist of church, sleeping in, brunch, or a combination of the three. For me, it typically means sitting in the office alone and spending the whole day looking at travel blogs while eating yogurt and granola out of a large mug.
Today I am budgeting travel and looking at packing list ideas. I always find the “carry-on bag essentials” lists fascinating. It’s probably because I hate flying (weird right?) and anything that can make it less miserable is worth the money. Since I have at least another half dozen flights this summer (mostly short ones), I’m taking this seriously.
Anyhow, here are my musings on this and other subjects (mostly just a jumble of random thoughts)…
  • Personally, I love making sure I have AT LEAST a super moisturizer (ooooh like Chanel), hand sanitizer, and some argan oil for the hair. Funny story that doesn’t involve these items on an airplane: I was going clubbing with my dear friend Ramon. I hopped into his car and we drove off. About five minutes later I realized (verbally of course, because I have no shame and this was not a date) that while I had shaved my legs, I had not moisturized them and was now scaly (which would never have happened if it had been a date). “Don’t look at my legs, Ramon.” Ten minutes later I took out my bottle of strawberry handsanitizer and ran a bit through my hair. The scent of strawberries lightly wafted through the air (or heavily drenched it, I’m not really sure which). He asked what I was doing. I had forgotten perfume as well because well, it wasn’t a date. And randomly a third time somewhere else (not involving poor traumatized Ramon), I had a cheek stain that left war paint streaks on my face. The next time, I mixed it with my beloved Chanel and voila, no paint. In conclusion, my moisturizer dilutes a stain with too much pigment so that you can vary the levels of color; the argan oil doubles great as a moisturizing sheen and cuticle oil, and the hand sanitizer (if used sparingly) helps get that stale airplane smell out of your nose (or if just dabbed under your nose, helps you and only you not smell whatever just went into that vomit bag an aisle over). Not sure why I wrote this essay style. Oh well.
  • I am so super excited to be spending part of my summer on a sailboat!!! I get to visit my sweetie this summer enroute to my cousin’s wedding in Tampa and will be sunning myself on a sailboat. Before you think he’s a rich schmuck with a fancy boat, I probably should have prefaced it with a renovated boat from the 70s and he lives on it. I’m just super glad he upgraded to one with a bathroom because I hate communal bathrooms very much. I am hoping that this one has a mirror since the last time I visited him he lived in an apartment where the mirror had been ripped out. Every single day, I had to wonder if I looked like a muppet since I could not see myself (he, on the other hand, always looked handsome and adorable despite the lack of a mirror). It would help if he wasn’t with the one girl I know who always forgets to bring a mirror and a hairbrush…
  • This summer I am obsessed with Kimpton and Joie de Vivre hotels. Fire pits and shuttle service make any stay just that much better.
  • I have been wanting to go see Luke Bryan this summer for months. I researched and researched all his tour dates in the SW and westcoast and finally settled on one with the cheapest pit tickets. I am unbelievably excited. Doing it as cheap as I can too, so this should be interesting… My dad was baffled at the $350 I’m shelling out for the concert and plane tickets but this is coming from a man who goes to Antarctica for the penguins… Luke Bryan is my penguin!!!!
  • I was at Target the other day and saw the Ahava spa towelettes… They sound heavenly for after arriving at a roadtrip destination (especially in the summer). Shall try them out.
  • I have a weird checklist for my travels, it almost always involves:
    • A cute breakfast/brunch/lunch joint
    • A local gem of some sort
    • Afternoon tea/cupcakes/macarons
    • A trendy dinner restaurant
  • I have decided to avoid (hahaha) buying clothes when I go on trips and to concentrate on accessories… unless I don’t have that store at home or probably could never find that item…

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