Finally my Friday!!!!! This weekend should be fun. I have a few friends visiting from Vancouver (who I will be visiting in their hometown next month) and since I don’t live super close to the Strip, I decided to get a cheap hotel room at the Gold Coast for the evening ($33 after tax). My friends get here early tomorrow and will be taking a helicopter tour in the afternoon. While they are gone, I will be seeing a movie and having lunch with a local friend and chilling on the Strip like a tourist. I rarely have staycations anyway which is kind of a bummer because Vegas is a great place to have one! I go to the Strip more than most locals but I rarely enjoy it from a tourist point of view so this should be a lot of fun. I have no idea what we will be doing most of the time but I’m guessing there will be Fremont Street involved and possibly a pool, so I’m packing a few outfits and a swimsuit. I want to be prepared! Hope whoever is reading this is having a great week!!!! I’ll be posting pics from my weekend “getaway” soon!!!

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