How to make friends in Vegas…

Since moving here, I have made friends in very unlikely places. Some of my friends have said that Vegas can be a really terrible place to be lonely and it’s true, but it’s also a great place to mingle if you’re feeling particularly social. There have been so many great events or parties that I’ve wanted to go to and a friend bailed at the last minute. I’ve gotten old enough to not really care if I have someone to go places with and have started going to a lot of things alone. Usually when I have, I’ve made some random really really great friends. A lot of them are tourists. Watching someone get really really drunk can be a great bonding experience sometimes. Here is a list of random places I have made friends in Vegas…
  • A Chippendales workout video demo shoot. Yes this is exactly what it sounds like. I met one of my best friends there.
  • A bachelorette party at a bar. I made friends with the whole bachelorette party during a ladies night promo at Nove. We ended up sitting at a table together and I spent the whole weekend with them. We hang out everytime they come into town. I’m visiting them in Vancouver later this month.
  • A Twilight cast member’s birthday party. This awesome friend later introduced me to a few of her awesome friends. I visited them in San Francisco in May.
  • A topless pool.
  • A Chippendales show. I met my beloved Lisa here. 🙂
  • A pilates class.
  • By the tour buses at a concert.

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