Is it vacation time yet?

So I am getting ready for my next adventure! This time I am going cheap and easy. I booked a B&B that had AMAZING reviews and great rates. I have never stayed anywhere with a shared bathroom, though, so I’m curious to see how this pans out. In preparation, I have packed the following:
  • Lysol wipes
  • Lysol spray
  • Disposable slippers
  • Extra dry shampoo
  • Spa towelettes (like the extra fancy moist towelettes)
  • The tiniest hair dryer I have ever seen
  • Lots of extra toilet seat covers
I did a hair smoothing treatment beforehand that’s supposed to cut down on styling and drying time… We shall see if it actually works! I am waxing so I don’t have to worry about excess razor burn… The room has a sink though, which helps. The property has hair dryers and irons on hand by request but I know when I get there I won’t want to request things so I figured it’d be better to take care of that stuff now. Which reminds me, I need to pack my wrinkle releaser! I figure having to make use of a shared bathroom will be great practice for staying at the marina with Marc next month… A learning experience!
Meanwhile I am bookmarking things on Yelp. I have picked a great location near shopping and by a train station that goes directly to the airport. I have only planned one thing for the entire trip- my afternoon tea. Everything else I am leaving up to the girls since my sole reason for going is to visit my friends on their hometurf! I’m going to have a blast no matter what and this time, it’ll be pretty inexpensive. I think my hotel and airfare together was under $600 for three nights and four days.
Is it time to go yet?????

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