Airport food…

I hate flying so much.
I do it a lot, but I don’t like it. I’ve taken 17 flights this year and have at least 8 more to go. It’s partly because I’m afraid of heights, afraid of flying, and afraid of germs. I’m also afraid of screaming babies and recycled air. Flying includes all of these things. It also includes terrible food and long waits. Ew.
I have airports I generally try to stick with because they are familiar but sometimes I like to branch out a bit. When looking at layover options and seeing the airport choices, I check out the airport websites. Sometimes there are some pretty cool things in airports. I try to make the airport more of a highlight then a bleh part of the trip so that the anticipation of flying isn’t quite so bad. I’ve enclosed a list of things at airports I’ve visited that are pretty awesome.
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson- A lot of people are terrified of this airport. It is pretty huge and crazy busy. I grew up coming and going from this airport probably catching hundreds of flights from here. That certainly makes it less intimidating. Do utilize the train system here. They run every 50 seconds. Super easy and efficient. If you have a long layover and some spare cash, go to the Minute Suites in concourse B. It isn’t cheap but after a long, bumpy, loud flight; you’ll be happy to spend the money for an hour of soundproof walls and dimmer switches. Well worth it. My favorite dining options here are Paschal’s for the fried chicken (or grits and eggs in the morning). It’s in the concourse B food court. Right around the corner is Cafe Intermezzo. They have great cakes and my goal is to try a different one every time I come through ATL. The Pecan in concourse F is also cool too for a quick chicken and waffles fix. The food is cooked to order as well. I plan to try out One Flew South on my next trip through ATL since it’s been ranked so highly.
Dallas Fort Worth- There is a Minute Suites here as well! There is one reason I love coming through here and that is PAPPADEAUX. One of my fave restaurants has locations in DFW and the Houston International Airport. Sometimes I will choose flights through Dallas or Houston SOLELY because I need my crawfish fix.
Miami International Airport- My other fave restaurant has a location here. I keep looking for flights through Miami just so I can go to Bongos. Since I’m often too lazy to drag my butt (and my luggage) all the way to its terminal, I often go to La Carreta. They have a cafeteria style counter and an a la cart area. I usually stop here for made to order deliciousness. I usually top this off with pastries from one of the many Cafe Versailles inside the airport.
Vancouver International Airport- I love my afternoon tea and the international terminal does a special Fairmont Afternoon Tea. If you’re looking for something fast, there are Tim Hortons in every terminal. I should have bought my Timbits here instead of dragging them all over town. And then I could have bought a 40 pack. Learn from my mistakes.
Hong Kong International Airport- My mom and I have a few traditions every time we come to Hong Kong (which is not as frequent as we would like). We always have dim sum at Maxim’s Jade Garden the day we leave. We schedule our flights around this. I love Maxim restaurants and bakeries and a great dim sum lunch is a wonderful final hoorah when we leave one of our favorite cities. When we arrive on our early morning flights, we also stop first at Maxim Bakery for chicken pies and custard tarts. The shopping in this airport is wonderful too so it’s a great place to kill a few hours.
 I’m sure I’ll find more as I continue my travels this year but for now, those are my faves.

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