Airplanes- Wonderful & Miserable at the same time…

In previous posts I’ve mentioned how much I hate flying and why. At the same time, I kind of love it because usually you know you’re going somewhere and that’s usually kind of nice (unless you’re going to a funeral or visiting family members you hate). Here are just some random things that I’ve found super useful when flying. Most of them are pretty common knowledge but since I’m just randomly musing, I thought I’d put them up anyway.

  • I love the window seat. Part of it is a morbid curiosity cuz if something is gonna happen I’m gonna want to see (you know, like a gremlin on the wing). On late afternoon/early morning flights, I love photographing the sunrise/sunset on the wing. Great starting vaca photos. It also gives me a few extra inches of space on one side since I always anticipate sitting next to someone who doesn’t understand boundaries.
  • Always ask about complimentary gate check, especially if you have a particularly lengthy layover. My flights are usually fairly full and I’ve never been turned down or had any issues retrieving my luggage later. Besides, that $25 adds up to a great layover meal, magazine, and a bottle of water.
  • If you have an injury, ask about pre-boarding. I recently flew with a sprained ankle and since it took me longer to get up and down the jetway, they let me preboard. Not only was I able to move along at a comfortable pace, but it allowed me to settle into my seat more easily instead of rushing.
  • Remember to bring a book or magazine so you don’t have to rely on your e-reader since everything has to be off during take-off and landing. Don’t be the douchebag next to me who not only is still talking on a cell phone but also has the tray table down. Douchebag.
  • Go to the airport website and look up your flight’s previous history. It gives you an idea of what gates they go to. See what’s in the gates and look at an airport map. This helps with your layovers so you know where to eat and shop or know how far you have to run to make your connector (or where to catch the train).
  • Pack your snacks and don’t be the sad person who pays $6 for cheese and crackers. Unless you really like that brand of cheese and crackers.
  • For long flights I bring aloe socks and a paper facemask for the flight (if I’m feeling really dry, I’ll also bring aloe gloves and a leave-in conditioner for my hair). For shorter flights (3-5 hours), I slather on my moisturizer, eye cream, hand cream, and lip treatment prior to take-off and then apply my make-up during my layover or the last 30 minutes of the flight. No point having it cake in and crack during the flight if the goal is to look pretty for my first day of vacation (or when visiting Marc). Besides, the weirder I look on a flight, the more likely the guy next to me will give me some elbow room. 😛
  • I’m not big on the emergency row but I do know a lot of people who love it because of the extra leg room. I’m a stickler for keeping my purse close and I know my terror of flying would make me fairly useless in an emergency. The bulkheads do also provide the same legroom but with all the pricing changes airlines are making, it’s more difficult to get one for the same price without paying an upcharge. Besides, my legs are short but if you have longer legs, I could see this being worth the extra charge.
  • I really like wearing a simply high-low hem dress to fly in the summer. Dresses are more comfortable than pants with a waistband and the hem allows me to feel like my legs and butt aren’t touching the seat (a pet peeve of mine even after I’ve disinfected the seat). I always bring a sweater, a scarf, some socks, my neck pillow, and my eye mask (unless the flight is under 2 hours).
  • What’s your favorite airplane comfort tip? I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to make flying more relaxing and less terrifying…

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