A little complaining… Just a little…

This post is about “selfies”. No not the creepy sexual ones that teens keep posting although on that note… Seriously people, stop that, do you want your kids seeing those online in fifteen years? NO! Do you want to end up a registered sex offender because you’re an idiot? NO! Just stop. NOW.
Not even the weird shirtless bathroom mirror ones… I once kind of dated a guy who sent me those all the time… We did not last very long…
Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m getting frustrated with the amount of complaints I see about people taking just general “selfies”. My friends take them a lot and I see no problem with it. Having a good hair day? Document it. Why not? You might not have a lot of those. Happy about that Starbucks? Go for it. Doesn’t harm me.
I take a lot of them on vacation. Mostly because a lot of my trips are spent alone. If I can’t find someone to take the pic should I just miss out on the shot because I might offend someone on FB for taking the pic myself? Hell no. I don’t think all “selfies” are posted out of arrogance or vanity. I think a lot of them are taken to document a good memory or out of convenience.
I’m going to the Backstreet Boys concert tonight. By myself. I have a floor seat. You better believe I will be posting a “selfie” of that. Deal with it.

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