Happy Monday, I’m going to vent…

Sorry everyone. I usually keep this a relatively complaint free zone and avoid blogging when I’m mad but today I’m mad.
My co-worker (who is a friend) and I often get into arguments. They’re usually small bursts and we always apologize because we get along really really well and don’t want to make waves. Every so often we just need to let it out and then we go a few weeks issue free. It works for us and our boss seems to understand never interjects because she knows we’re ADULTS and can work things out on our own.
Today a girl from another department decided to put in her two cents and basically tell me I’m an awful person and my attitude is putting the whole office in a bad mood (today I was the one griping). There are only three of us in here right now and typically when my co-worker and I argue, it’s when it’s just the two of us. She also said that my co-worker never yells at anyone and is just the sweetest person ever so I needed to stop being a snob.
It royally pisses me off that this girl decided to get involved because she’s never been here when my co-worker and I argue. I’ve gotten my ass handed to me a few times too but as adults, we keep the arguments between us. I hate when people try to involve themselves in situations that are none of their business or try to make things their business. Especially when more often than not, they’re the one who’s making the office miserable.
Anyway, end rant. More fun happy posts coming soon.

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