Okay, so this is probably a very bad thing to bring up but has anybody else noticed that October is like the MOST AMAZING month for sales???
I’m not joking, I’ve gone a little nuts with it.
On another note, it is finally getting a bit cooler in Vegas! Hurray!!! Hoping to make a daytrip to Utah soon to see the leaves change colors.
I’m planning out my Pensacola adventures for the month. I’ve only once been to the beach there and that was on my first date with Marc. Since I’m going to have a car this time, I want to go out to the beach. Marc’s parents had mentioned visiting Perdido Key last year and we were supposed to go with them that day but we slept in instead. I would also like to venture out to Alabama for the day. Aside from that, I’m thinking about doing some fishing. Like hardcore fishing. If I have my way, I’ll be taking my rental car on a daytrip up to the Flint River (in Georgia) along with my gear and a chair and spending the day fishing at the river. I asked Marc about rentals and I can only imagine he thought I was nuts. But seriously, I’m a redneck. I love to fish. Some of my favorite Saturday mornings were spent bass fishing at the lake with my dad. Nothing sounds more heavenly right now than a sandwich, a fishing pole, and a really good country music playlist. But then again, that’s just me.
I love fall. I love sweaters and boots and warm cozy drinks. I love fleece blankets and snuggling with my puggle on the couch with cider or cocoa. I remember fall as a time of year when we would sometimes have a freezer filled with meat My dad got while hunting. Some of my favorite fall trips were RVing in Blue Ridge. These memories are very different from how I spend fall in Vegas. A typical October consists of haunted houses and dressing up like a zombie multiple times. Last year I volunteered as a zombie for the first zombie run. We were specifically told not to chase or attack runners, just grab their flags. Apparently, they were not told the same. I got shoved and pushed like crazy. I think the runners forgot that we’re not really zombies.
Anyhow, since it is October, I’m going to be posting random pics from previous fall excursions and Halloweens just for the fun of it. Every Halloween seems to have a theme whether intentional or not. This particular Halloween was the year Vegas went nuts for True Blood. Since Vegas does nothing by halves, here are some cast members from True Blood as well.



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