Fall stuff outside Vegas…

So I’ve been looking at the listings of things to do on my next trip to the Panhandle, and came across so many awesome things that I never thought to try before! Very excited… In fact, so excited that I’m making a list of things I wanna check out!
  • Corn maze!!!!
  • Hockey game (we have these in Vegas but they’re kinda tame)
  • Hay ride
  • Interstate fair (Whaaaaaaaaat?????) 
  • Haunted house and trolley tour (would love to see something that isn’t filled with Vegas flair)
I am also hoping to check out some seafood shacks along the coast. Looking forward to having my own car to drive around so I can do some exploring. Nothing annoys me more on a trip than sitting around a hotel room bored. 
And again, here are more Halloween photos… Last year was a Disney theme…


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