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My 21st was insanely tame considering I live in Vegas. This was probably due mostly to the fact that it was finals week at UNLV and my birthday was in the middle of the week.
I worked at a casino at the time and we just started booking rooms for one of our partner hotels so to introduce us to the property and help us sell it better, they gave us all comp rooms and room service comps. My best friend (at the time) and I decided to book ours for the night before my birthday so that at midnight, we could go gamble and drink. The room came with free drink coupons so basically, my 21st birthday (at least the actual birthday) was free. We had dinner in the room, rented Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and then at midnight, went down to the casino bar for drinks and some gambling. This was the night I found out I was allergic to champagne. Oops.
The next night, my parents took me to N9ne at the Palms for an early dinner since I had a final the next day. Back then, the Palms was the coolest place in town. I got a room there for the Friday night and had dinner at Voodoo with a few friends. We went up to the lounge on top of the Rio for pictures and wandered the casino bars at Rio too.

For me, my actual 21st was pretty boring; it was everything AFTER 21 that was better. At 21 I didn’t know that local girls get EVERYTHING handed to them at the clubs. Well, almost everything. I didn’t know about guestlists, I didn’t know about the comps, I didn’t know about anything. Once I figured it out, that’s when the party started. Birthdays REALLY started getting better after I graduated since finals didn’t get in the way anymore. Actually, my very last final senior year was ON my birthday. Even better.

This year I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my favorite band outside of Vegas. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. 🙂


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