A few random things about me…

I get asked a lot of weird questions both online and in real life. All the time. I thought it’d be fun to answer some of that stuff on here for inquiring minds. 🙂
Am I secretly famous or do I work in the entertainment industry- Noooooo. I’ve met a ton of celebrities both on purpose and by accident simply because I live here. Before I lived here I’d never met anyone remotely famous. I saw Usher once at a local event. That was the extent of it. Most of these run-ins were during club appearances and clubs spend a LOT of money publicizing these events. I also know a few hosts who have given me a little inside info. If you’re really hoping to meet a celeb at a club, security guards have told me (and I’ve tested this once or twice) that perching near the exits or bathrooms are always a good bet. And no, I’ve never stalked/followed anyone back to their rooms or limos.
Am I a showgirl- Do I look like a showgirl to you? Nooooo. I work at a resort front desk.
Am I dating a Chippendale- I get asked this so many times after shows when I chat with my friends who work there. No. In fact, once when I was asked and responded no, I was met with “Oh, that’s what you have to say, right?”. Um, still no.
How do I have the money/time to travel so much- I don’t really go out much anymore. I used to go out to eat a couple times a week and clubbing at least once a week and I cut waaaay back. I went clubbing for the first time in like a month or two this week. If you consider going out to dinner/lunch twice a week costs $50 that’s about $200 a month. And $200 is about what I spend on an overnight weekend trip. The ones where I fly I do have to save up for but since my main nightly activity is World of Warcraft (only $15 a month), saving up isn’t too hard to do. I typically travel between my days off (Wednesday nights) only or use a PTO day here and there. I’ve only used six of my PTO days so far (I get 10 per year).
Am I Filipino- I’m actually Chinese. I get this a lot. Oddly enough, my parents did live in the Philippines for a while before I was born and we do have family and friends there.
How did I meet my honey if we’ve both lived in different states the whole time- We were both homeschooled. We met at a big homeschool graduation when we were 17. We lost touch for a few years and reconnected on Facebook. We started dating when I drove through Florida last summer and stopped in his town.
Do I want to get married and have kids- I would like to get married someday I think. I’d rather not jump ahead of myself here. Marc and I have discussed children and we’re both on the same page that it’s not something to consider anytime soon. There are things I want to do in life that would be easier without children and he feels the same way. Maybe it’s a possibility eventually, but for now, it’s not even on the drawing board.

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