Weekend recap and what’s to come…

I am so exhausted and it’s only Monday.
I’ve got so much to look forward to this week that it’s just too overwhelming and I’m just not going to plan much. I usually love to plan things to the last detail but this week, I feel like just doing whatever. As long as I get to my corn maze, that is. That is a must.
The weekend started out with me coming to work an hour early for a big event my office was hosting. Everything looks different an hour early. Bleh. After an insane work day, I headed to the salon to get my hair done. Found an amazing Groupon for Sharon Haehnel at a nearby salon; $39 for a cut, color, and deep conditioning treatment. What?! So awesome. Relaxing end to a pain in the ass kind of day.
Yesterday work was equally insane. With my boss being off for a few days, I’m picking up a lot of slack but at least my vacation time starts soooooooo soon. After work, I headed to the Jason Aldean concert (I bought the ticket to reward myself for the annoying weekend and the fact that me needing to work kept me from seeing Marc on his birthday). Soooooooooooooo much fun. I got an amazing seat on Stubhub (I really love that site btw). I’ve learned that having a floor seat is usually pointless for me since I can’t see over ANYONE, so I had the first tier up close to the pit. Such a difference.
Thomas Rhett was a great opener. I’ve seen him a few times in passing but I’ve never gotten to see him play. Jake Owen was AWESOME (and pointed at me in the audience so sorry/not sorry to all the girls who gave me dirty looks lol). And of course, Jason Aldean is amazing. I love him. Here are a few of the pics I got on my phone, actual good ones will come soon!

Also, I participated in a couple hops this morning so check them out 🙂

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