Sunday Social

I’m attempting to rest now that the rodeo is over. Also assembling posts for the month. I couldn’t help but post this pic now from my birthday!

Another of my fave link-up!
Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials?

The CMA Country Christmas Special and Love Actually (which I watch all year anyway).
2. Do you do any volunteering during the holidays if so what?
If not what would you do?

I feel bad because people in Vegas get really hostile during the holidays so I usually hole up in my house and just donate money every chance I get. If I was going to volunteer, I would want to do it at the animal shelter. Not sure how much help I would be with all the Benadryl I’d have to take, but that’s what I would want to do most.
3. What is your favorite toy received as a child for the holidays?
 I got this gorgeous bike when I was like 8 I think. I had asked for it for months and I didn’t see it on Christmas morning until my dad sent me upstairs to get him socks. The bike was on the landing; he had hidden it in our creepy attic (the one place he knew I would NEVER go).
4. What was your must have item in high school for the holidays? 
 I didn’t actually GO to high school since I was home-schooled for the 3.5 years it took me to complete grades 8-12… But since I was home so much, we really went all out with our decorations since we knew those were our last few years in that house before we moved (even though we didn’t know where we would move yet).
5. What do you do on Christmas Eve? If you are Jewish what does your family do for Hanukkah?
 We always have a nice dinner. Granted, in recent years it’s take-out because I work but it’s always nice. And we watch movies. Usually Harry Potter.


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