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NFR 2013 Detour- FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE (My Birthday!) Part 1

I’m splitting this into a few posts because the trip feels like a few different chapters. I’ll start with my fave part, though- the meet and greet.
After an hour of waiting outside to get into the venue (seriously, Reno Events Center???? Not cool), I checked in at the booth and got my VIP pass, ticket, signed tour poster (I love these because they look like art pieces and not posters), and a HUGE FGL belt buckle. 
Made my way upstairs to the VIP Lounge and upon seeing the cluster of people crowding the stage (apparently unaware that the meet and greet was before the show), I lined up for the meet and greet instead. That worked out perfectly since they had me at the front of my group (meaning I could stand wherever I wanted). 
Chatting with Tyler and Brian was super fast, but they were both really sweet guys and wished me a happy birthday and Tyler and I chatted a bit about our hometowns (which are an hour from each other). 
The acoustic set was so awesome. So worth the trip and the $ just for this.

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