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NFR 2013 Detour- Reno

We flew into Reno the day before my birthday. Took the last flight in from Vegas. I fell asleep for a bit and the first thing I noticed when we descended was the snow on the ground. A big blanket of white snow. I haven’t seen real legit snow in FOREVER. 
The shuttle to the hotel was short and the front desk agent got us a room with a nice city view. We picked Harrah’s because the room was cheap (and the room was actually really nice) and it was less than a five minute walk to the Reno Events Center. 
All of the restaurants were closed except for the 24 hour Chinese place downstairs. We had seen bad reviews but honestly, the food was pretty good and it was nice and hot. It was likely filled with MSG but hey, it helped us sleep.
The next day I slept in because it was my birthday. We walked to The Isles down the street for some tea and scones. Cute little Irish place and great food. Down from there was the Lime Spa where I wanted to get my nails done for the show. Great prices, great service, and a cute little lemonade drink to make the whole thing even sweeter. 
Walking to the arena, we got a great view of the sunset before the show. Not a bad trip. 

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