Answers to my own questions…

So I posted 11 questions for my Liebster Awards nominees and thought it might be fun to actually answer my own questions. I actually came up with the questions just looking at random things on my desk. I almost asked random questions about dog costumes but thought better of it at the last minute.

Additionally, if you liked the questions and post them, comment me a link to your blog, I would LOVE to see your answers!
1. If you could only eat one thing for a month, what would it be?
Right now the answer would be old fashioned donuts. I would gain about 10 lbs but I do love old fashioned donuts.
 2. If you could dress up as anything for Halloween (no budget or time constraint), what would it be?
I would get one of those insanely elaborate Scarlet O’Hara costumes. Complete with parasol.
 3. If you won a free trip anywhere with anyone, where would you go and who would you take?
I would take Marc to Australia so he can surf and I can watch him have an amazing time. That would make me really really happy. But I would want to do it as an Australia/New Zealand cruise so I can see where they filmed the Lord of the Rings (because I’m a dork and well he would enjoy that too).
 4. What is your favorite magazine and why?
I love Cosmo, Budget Travel, and Country Weekly because they encompass all my favorite things.
 5. What is your favorite candy?
Marc has got me hooked on Starbursts lately but I love gummy bears. Red ones.
 6. If someone gave you a $1000 gift card, where would you spend it?
Amazon.com. Because they sell everything.
 7. What three websites do you have to check every day?
Facebook, Weather.com, and Yahoo Mail (that sounds lame). 8. What photos are sitting on your memory card right now?
9. What is the design on your phone case?
It’s real tree… If I lose it in the woods, I’m screwed.
 10. What is your favorite cookie?
I love white chocolate mac but right now my mom’s oatmeal raisin cookies are the fave (I’ve averaged eating about five a day for the last three days).
 11. If you won free tickets to any concert, who would you see?
Toss up between Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum or Florida Georgia Line (even though I already bought tickets to see them AGAIN in April and I’m seeing Lady A in three weeks).


  • Finley S

    well you will definitely have to head to new zealand for that – it is AWESOME! My husband and I had a big nerd out when we went. I swear we took over 300 photos. We went to Hobbiton on the north island and to The Shire a year before the first Hobbit came out. So watching The Hobbit and being mega nerds saying we've been to Bilbos house – was pretty exciting haha!

    And definitely come to australia! I hear the people are awesome 😉

    and yes yes yes – i now want oatmeal raisin cookies!!!!

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