Really? Just… Really???

Hello again blog world! For the second time today?
So I have been super excited about this new link-up from Voyage of the Meemee and Duh Danae, like super excited. Below are the wonderful random bits of crap that come out of an unnamed man (if I don’t name him he can’t get pissed, right?). 
Duh! Danae!
(While listening to the radio)
Him- This is Eric Church, right?
Me- No, this is Kip Moore.
Him- I don’t think it’s Kip Moore.
(Radio announces it was Kip Moore duh)
Me- See? I told you it was Kip Moore.
Him- I still think you’re wrong. It was Dierks Bentley.
Me- Did you get everything we need for the burgers?
Him- Yeah, yeah. Except buns.
Me- What about ketchup, mustard, tomatoes?
Him- Oh yeah. No.
Me- So all we have is meat?
Him- Yeah.


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