It’s February?

Happy Chinese New Year! That was yesterday. 
My mother has put out the Lazy Susan and we had a vegetarian dinner as per tradition. Or something. Year of the Snake was great and terrible at the same time so hopefully Year of the Horse will be wonderful!
I’m taking a short break from all the normal blogging activities except for what’s in the queue because I’m going through something not so great and it’s really tough and the best thing I can do right now is not think about it and play WoW as much as possible. 
That said, I do have a lot of great things planned for February and a lot of things to look forward to that will keep my mind off things. This month will bring-
A much needed spa day. I’ve been needing a massage for months now. Hurray for Travelzoo!
My momma’s birthday. We have a wonderful staycation planned!
Thompson Square! So excited to see Shawna and Keifer again!
My good friends Carla and Michelle are coming to visit! Love seeing them!
I cashed in a crapload of Expedia points for a mini weekender in LA.
San Francisco with Melissa!!! 
February already looks amazing. As soon as I get out of my little funk, I will be posting pictures from the amazing Lady Antebellum show last week! So much fun!


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