Lady Antebellum & Salt Lake City 2014

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So I’m back, sort of. I realize now that my queue kind of ran out at some point and it’s been so long since I’ve used Blogger at home that I had to log in again. Oops!
Anyhow, last month I made an overnight trip to Salt Lake yet again for an awesome show. I’ve really come to LOVE Salt Lake City. The people are friendly, the city is clean and much safer than Vegas, and I’ve always had such an awesome time.
My first stop was the Nauvoo Cafe in Temple Square. I really loved the Lion House Pantry and when I found out they had several other restaurants in the group, I wanted to check them all out. The food is reasonably priced and pretty yummy. I got breakfast (quiche and a drink) for under $5. Score! I stopped at Lion House after this and picked up a few things for the evening; I’m always hungry after a show and I knew few things would be open when I got back.
The hotel let me check in early (I got a really great deal on Expedia for the Hilton) so I hung out in the room a while (too tired and chilly to really do a lot of exploring) until it was time for tea. You guys know how much I love my afternoon tea!
I found a wonderful tea at the Grand America Hotel. Beautiful hotel and such an amazing tea set-up. I stopped by La Bonne Vie for macarons for momma since I got there early and then settled into my reserved seat by the fireplace for tea. I’ve had tea at some amazing places and this one was pretty fantastic! Especially considering the price ($20 whaaaaaat). In fact, there was so much food, I took a to go box home.
I didn’t want to worry about catching cabs or trains or buses so I walked everywhere. It wasn’t freezing, about in the 30s, so it was nice. There was still snow on the ground too. I brought my fabulous Lady A mittens just for the occasion. 🙂
After a shower and some time to sit around and read, it was time for the show. I walked over to Energy Solutions Arena to pick up all my tickets and packages. I had purchased the VIP package for Lady Antebellum because I didn’t want to take my chances and not have the best time. A week prior, I had been notified that I also won tickets for the Jana Kramer meet and greet. Pretty cool!
I can’t remember every detail of the night because it was just so amazing. Instead, I’ll list the highlights:
1. Meeting Lady Antebellum- they were just so nice and down to earth.
2. Private acoustic set and Q&A before the show- Hilary sang an N Sync song and I argued with Charles about who sings Eye of the Tiger.
3. My band gift- A Lady A ping pong paddle and matching ball. Guess I’ll have to take up ping pong!
The next day I slept in a bit and then headed to The Garden in Temple Square for lunch with an awesome view of the Temple before heading home. Another awesome Salt Lake visit; I’m sure I’ll be back again soon!
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  • Alyson

    I have never been to Salt Lake before but it has definitely somewhere that has entered my radar since blogging and seeing different photos of the city.

    How cool is it that you got to meet the band and enjoy a private acoustic session with them!


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