Take Me Downtown Tour Part 2!

Happy Saturday everyone!
I am completely exhausted today as I sit and type this on a work break. 
Last night was the Vegas stop on the Take Me Downtown Tour and though I bought myself the worst possible seat I could get (fun experience lol), it didn’t even matter, since the night was already perfect
I picked up my backstage instructions right after work and at the meet time, we were escorted by security downstairs and backstage. The tour staff gave us all wristbands and then told us which rooms to go to. I was under the impression we were all getting a quick meet and greet but apparently I was wrong; the band was doing a surprise private set for us. WHAT? I chatted with Hilary, Charles, and Dave for a bit (about ping pong lol) and then headed into the private room. They did a few songs, a Q&A, and hung out for a while and it was so much fun. More casual than the VIP set-up in Salt Lake but just as awesome.
Sorry for the sad show pics. I forgot the memory card in my camera AGAIN (WHY), not that it would have made a HUGE difference since my seat was kind of behind the stage anyway (but kind of neat since I got to see what goes on backstage).

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