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Coming Soon- ACM Weekend 2014

Happy Monday!
My first full weekend off this year and I am exhausted. I have been out and about every single day since Thursday at just about every charity event, concert, etc. It has been amazing and ACM weekend is my favorite weekend of the year (right up there with NFR season). I’ve seen some awesome shows and met a few cool artists; a few of whom I’ll be traveling (or should I say cruising) with later this year. I have a few hundred photos scattered across my iPhone and two cameras (which I have yet to load to my computer), but here are some of my pics from Friday and Saturday and a sample of my weekend itinerary.
Thursday- 95.5 The Bull’s 6th Annual Guitar Pull
Friday- ACM Party for a Cause Day 1
Saturday- ACM Party for a Cause Day 2; ACM Awards Dress Rehearsal
Sunday- ACM Awards Fan Jam
Monday- ACM Honors- Salute to the Troops

Reviews and photos after the weekend is up (and I’ve gotten some sleep and a foot massage).
Today I am following the Currently Link-Up from Harvesting Kale and OT and ET!

Currently Reading- Bloglovin. So much catching up to do!!!

Currently Feeling- Tired and excited. One last night of awesomeness. And then sleep. Lots of it.

Currently Using- My iPhone for everything. I’ve been taking pictures constantly, listening to so much new music, and using that poor thing as a Kindle. My phone is probably more tired than I am.

Have a great week everyone!!!

P.S. Did anyone watch the ACM Awards last night? Did anyone vote??? My picks didn’t win this year but last year I got them both right. 🙂

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