ACM Weekend Day 3

Hello everyone!
I think Day 3 of my ACM weekend was my favorite. Not only did I get to check out the rehearsals for the awards (you can read about that here); I got to see more great shows and meet some really great performers. 
I got to the festival around 12:30 and mostly just spent the day (at least before the rehearsals) wandering around, meeting artists, and snacking. Oh, and drinking moonshine. And talking to a giant Twinkie (he didn’t talk back). The only show that I really saw much of was the Love and Theft set; when I got back from rehearsals, the crowds were so thick, I didn’t feel like getting near them. Besides, at this point, I’ve either seen or met so many of the performers that missing them this one time wasn’t going to kill me (although I was sad that I didn’t get to catch the whole Chris Young set). 

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