Sunday Social

1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
After a few days in New York watching cab drivers almost kill me every way possible, I’m surprisingly quiet on the road rage front. Maybe people honking when they want you to go and it’s not safe for you to go. That really grinds my gears.

2. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
I don’t really have any. I’m not a huge fan of blogs that look too overly “done up” I guess because I feel like it takes the organic feeling out of a blog and makes it look more like a magazine but there are a few of those blogs I really like so I dunno.

3. What is your biggest shopping pet peeve?
Okay, when traveling, I like to avoid the stores I can go to back home UNLESS they have region specific items (like Roxy and Victoria’s Secret have some cute souvenir shirts in other big cities) OR you’re looking for something specific. I don’t think going to a store where I would buy what I buy back home is a vacation experience. I like to explore the local shops.

4. What is your biggest general pet peeve?
I hate when people act like they’re listening but aren’t paying attention and make you repeat things five times because they couldn’t bother to listen. If you’re deaf I understand but if you’re not being respectful enough to pay attention (especially if it’s a coworker), then figure it out yourself.

5. What is your most irrational fear?
I’m going to be snooty enough to say my fears are not irrational. j/k They’re all so terrifying to me I can’t tell which are rational and which aren’t. That said, penguins are evil. You’ve been warned.

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  • Katie conkell

    I've never understood the point of shopping while traveling, there are usually so many more exciting things to accomplish while being in a new city. My ex's mother spent 2 whole days shopping on the 1 trip we went on together and tried to make me guilty laying on the beach instead. Well… I guess "ex" tells you all you need to know about how that turned out.

    Have a great week!

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