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Meet At The Barre

I usually avoid posting twice in one day but it’s been a while since I enjoyed a good link-up!

I think my fave thing about this week so far is it’s May! Which in Vegas means it’s already well into summer. Around here, pools open usually at the end of March but this year, it’s been surprisingly springy (if ever there was such a thing in the desert). While summer in Vegas is pretty miserable, here are my five fave things about summer here (or wherever I end up):

1. Desert roadtrips are fun and super cheap. Why? Because NOBODY wants to be in the 115 degree heat on vacation. Summer in the desert on weekdays is pretty quiet (weekends are a different story because of the parties and the holidays). Did I mention that time I got a $200 hotel room in Scottsdale for about $75?

2. Summer concerts are more fun than winter concerts. Probably because when the pit gets hot you’re not wearing flannel. And because you get awesome heat induced photo bombs like this.

3. Pool days! And frozen drinks. And fun floppy pool hats.

4. There are plants out! And they’re pretty!!!

5. Ice cream is acceptable all the time. Not that I have a problem eating it in the winter but there’s something awkward about holding a cone with wool mittens in the snow.

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