Scissor Sister Camping Trip

Don’t ask about the name…
Anyone in the mood for ghost stories?
I love camping. Granted, I’ve only really camped once in a tent but it was one of my fave trips ever (you can read about it here, especially if you’re a Twilight fan). 
My friend Lisa and I had been meaning to do our Calico day trip for a couple of years now but could never get our schedules to match. We finally found a set of days and figured, we might as well get a cabin and stay the night. I love ghost towns and Lisa loves ghosts and Calico apparently has lots of ghosts. In fact, the first night of our trip had a horror movie vibe to it but clearly, we didn’t get ax murdered.
We were pretty well stocked with supplies for the night and after getting our cabin key from security, we settled in. Our only issue- neither of us is particularly good at starting campfires. We ended up burning pink construction paper until the guys at the cabin next to us (what would we have done without them) helped us to really get it going. Once it was going, it took us almost 20 minutes to put it out! 
We had all the regular camp foods- s’mores, hot dogs, jiffy pop. Our neighbors were super nice and helpful and great company. The camp was pretty quiet and there weren’t a lot of neighbors on our side. We had a great spot right next to the bathrooms (convenient once it got dark). 
We didn’t go to bed until about 1AM and so did our neighbors. The wind picked up in the middle of the night and Lisa and I could barely sleep from all the noise outside our cabin. We could hear voices and trucks driving in circles around our cabin, footsteps right outside our door and right behind the wall. Our neighbors had gone to bed and the sound of someone moving things in and out of a vehicle were clearly not them since everything they had was exactly where they had been the night before. There were no marks in the sand from fast moving vehicles and the voices we heard weren’t our neighbors. Creeped out? We were.
Still, great little campground and fun overnight getaway!

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