Ok it’s not summer EVERYWHERE, but as soon as it hits 100 in Vegas, it’s basically summer.
Things are pretty quiet for the moment since I rarely travel over holiday weekends (I’m not so fond of crowds and things are always so much more expensive). I found a great new travel site that I’m a little obsessed with! It’s called Tripoto and it’s all sorts of awesome. You post travel itineraries on the site so it’s a great way to share where you’ve been, tips, and all that good stuff. If you’re liking any of my trips, I am slowly trying to load them up to the site so you guys can see the details. The site lets you put up pictures and list out individual places and then maps it all out. It’s pretty cool! If you guys are interested in joining, hit up this link; the referrals will keep me traveling! 🙂
My big weekend activity was a fun dinner out with some friends that I really NEVER see. 
Lately I’ve been lazing around the house after work and I’ve become a crazy plant collector. I have over a dozen random plants sitting on a gigantic cookie sheet by the window. So far they’re growing. Good sign right? I know nothing about plants so fortunately (or not), I have a little nagging voice (*cough*Marc*cough*) telling me what to do so they don’t all die.
And back to summer stuff. I get bored and I like to make lists. 
Here are some of my top products and pieces for the summer:
1. Supergoop. I have over a dozen Supergoop products all over my house. They’re amazing and they make me feel a lot less like I’m burning from the inside out (and you know, they prevent the skin cancer and all). I’m fairly paranoid about the sun so I try and use this stuff at least twice a day, including the SPF lip balm.
2. Gradual sunless tanners. I have the Target generic stuff and I mix it with the Loral Self Tantalizer. I use it every other day and it looks pretty natural and minimally streaky. I’m too impatient to stand in front of a fan for more than five minutes.
3. Orofluido. It’s keeping my hair from being gross and stringy after the gross pool water.
4. Rohto eye drops. My friend once described these as “eyedrops on crack” because of the menthol but when your eyes feel like they’re catching fire, it really helps.
5. Floppy hats. I have like six of them. I’m obsessed.
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    I will have to check out this site…I've never heard to it. I'm tagging to play around with it later. I'm exactly the same and hate to travel over Holiday weekends…P and I did a little local roadtrip yesterday and it was perfect and not crowded since everyone is headed to the beach or lake here.

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