Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. 4 favorite phone apps
Aside from the usual ones (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc):Retrica- So many awesome filters for all my moodsPerfect 365- Because sometimes you just wish your lipstick was blue in that shot, right?Bloglovin- Reading material for tripsOpentable- Great for booking restaurant reservations and earning gift certificates

2. 4 favorite Summer TV shows

I’m really only watching one show this summer and that’s 24- Live Another Day; everything else is DVD sets and re-runs. 🙂

3. 4 things you would NEVER do.
Cheat, steal, skydive, bungee jump. The first two seem way more noble to avoid. 

4. 4 items you carry with you no matter what.
iPhone, sanitizer, lip balm, ID. 

5. 4 blogs we should follow.
Mine. Just kidding. Wonder Forest– So many cool tips and tricks!A Beautiful Mess– Such a fun crafts/recipes/lifestyle/everything blog. Go follow now!Politics of Pretty– Some fun beauty tips and good product reviews.Adventurous Kate– Love all her travel adventures. 
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