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Sunday Social

Social Sunday 

1. What is the most difficult thing you have been through?
When my dad had open heart surgery. It was two years ago and I quit my job and my mom and I went to stay with him for two months for his recovery. It was really sad seeing my dad so weak and in pain. But it was nice to spend so much time with it and I did get to reconnect with someone special that summer too. 🙂

2. What was your best birthday?
My birthday in 2012 was pretty awesome. Becca and I went to the American Country Awards, I had a party at Stoney’s and rode the bull too many times, and we spent the whole weekend doing NFR shows. Actually, most of my birthdays are pretty awesome BECAUSE of NFR. Oh and because Chris Young does shows for my birthday every year. You know, just because it’s my birthday. lol

3. What has been your favorite thing you’ve done in your own city?
Again, my fave things in Vegas are usually associated with NFR. Or ACM. Oddly my fave things to do in Vegas are associated with the country music events and have almost nothing to do with actual Vegas.

4. What is your idea of the perfect date night?
I’ve enjoyed many nights of take-out or attempting to cook along with a movie on the couch. Those have always been my fave.

5. Have you ever been to a blogging conference?
If so which one(s)? If not do you want to?
I have not but I would love to meet some of the fellow bloggers I chat with! Granted conferences freak me out a bit so I think I’d be more interested in a blogging happy hour.

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