Great ways to piss off…

The driver on your roadtrip.
On roadtrips, I usually drive because I like driving and I have a pretty good sense of direction. All of my roadtrip companions have been pretty considerate, but the following would probably make me toss them out. 
Sleeping the whole way. My friend Marissa and I made a short roadtrip to LA once a few years back with a really annoying girl who decided she would sleep the whole trip home rather than help us stay awake at midnight. She also yelled at us for telling ghost stories to stay awake… wasn’t she supposedly sleeping??? 
Complaining about the route or constantly saying we’re going the wrong way (when we’re not). If you’re not going to help plan or execute the route, Be quiet. You didn’t map it before and you’re not holding a map or GPS now and since you’ve never been this way either, how do you know?
Getting your shoes (or bare feet) all over my snacks. Please don’t put your feet or shoes on my food. It’s gross. It’s like sticking your foot in my mouth. You wouldn’t do THAT, right?
Ditching your travel mates at your destination because clearly we were just your chauffeurs to your booty call. No joke, this has happened.
Needing to pee every 30 minutes. And talking about it. Constantly. Yes, some people have small bladdars. That’s what coffee cans and roadside shoulders are for.
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