Throwback Thursday

That time I wore a Holly Golightly dress to a Breakfast at Tiffany’s tea and it was too short.

One of the things I dislike most about Vegas is the lack of afternoon tea options.

Basically, unless you want to go to the Strip, walk through a resort, and pay upwards of $30 per person, there aren’t any options. I’ve been to each afternoon tea in town and while a couple have been nice, a couple were quite sad really. Not worth the money.
We have a Royal Tea Society here in Vegas and I snoop their site from time to time. I always love the idea of taking my mom to tea for mother’s day but usually she avoids the Strip so it’s a bit more difficult. Back in 2012, the tea society did a lovely Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed tea and we decided to check it out.
The ladies were really nice and welcoming, the food was good, and the setting was lovely. 

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