My ATL Bucket List & Budget

As you may have figured by now, my next adventure is:
I am so excited about this trip. I haven’t been back home since 2012. 
I have some really great friends still living in Georgia that I am really excited to see and this time I get to play tourist with a real actual brand new ATL tourist! Yay!!!

I’ve also enlisted one of my fave bloggers, Ashleigh, to do an Atlanta related guest post.
I can’t wait to read it!

It’s a short trip but here is our trip bucket list:
1. Braves game. I have only once been to a game at Turner Field. My first Braves game (and I’m a legit Georgian here) was at Fulton County Stadium. I was there the day they imploded it. So sad. 🙁
2. Tattoos. Lara and I are both tattoo nuts. I’ve been wanting another Georgia tattoo and what better place to do it than my home state? Besides, they’ll be able to get the red dirt colors just right here.
3. Walking Dead Road Trip. Since we have to get a rental car, we’re hitting up a few of the Walking Dead filming locations. Including Woodbury that’s apparently really safe. And Terminus of course, since they provide sanctuary to all. 
4. CNN Center Tour. I’ve never done it. How weird is that?
5. The basics. I’ll be showing her the Coke Museum (I only ever called it that, never World of Coca Cola) and Centennial Park (to see my beloved bricks).
I’m really excited about how little this trip is costing me in terms of setting aside money from my actual paycheck. We got a really great package deal for a redeye flight on Delta (the only way I will fly to ATL) and a wonderful hotel right in the Midtown area, so that portion that I did set aside was already less than expected. With the exception of my new tattoo and one dinner, virtually all of the anticipated expenses of the trip is being paid for with random assorted rewards- Cash Crate, Swag Bucks, Lucky Rewards, my credit card rewards, commissions from a referral program I do at work, and of course, my Duck Dynasty piggy bank. Total, I had almost $250 worth of random money that I didn’t have to set aside. Pretty cool, right?
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