My Weirdest Jobs

I’m not a serial worker. 
I haven’t had a million jobs… yet. I think I’ve only had about seven. Even so, while some were pretty run of the mill (waiting tables, cashiering, etc), some were a bit more… interesting. 
Star Lounge
Probably my fave work experience ever (not really a job more like temporary event internship work). Back in 2007, the MTV Video Music Awards came to Vegas and along with it brought their slew of pre-show and post-show events, gifting suites, and craziness. I’d been e-mailed a volunteer internship opportunity from UNLV and interviewed for a spot and was super happy when I got it. I spent the weekend working at the Star Lounge, the gifting suite at the Hard Rock that was working in conjunction with Rolling Stone Magazine. We got to set up the booths, escort A-list stars around the event, and basically just make sure the stars felt comfortable. I met some pretty cool people and surprisingly, nobody was a total diva or even particularly stuck-up at all. I hung out with one of the guys from a CSI show (who gave me his number), Snoop Dogs’ managers entourage asked me to do shots with them, and Lil Mama introduced me to her whole family. At the end of the event, one of the girls I was working with gave me an extra wristband for the Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary party where Kanye West was playing. Pretty interesting weekend!
Beacher’s Madhouse
I lasted one day. I got paired with this company for my UNLV externship and this was not what I expected (nor was it what the advisor expected) or what I would feel was a good match for me. The company was (at the time) operating out of an apartment complex behind the casinos (which my parents and I thought was super creepy). Rather than take me on as a student and allow this to be a learning experience, I felt like I was free labor for them. I worked the check-in table for the auditions and saw all kinds of weird things. If you’re at all familiar with this production, I’m sure you know what I mean. At this point in life, I’m fairly open-minded but for a girl who wasn’t old enough to drink and was doing a full course load, this was just way too much… Especially to NOT be getting paid for it.
Halloween Store
This was one of the most exhausting jobs but it was still pretty cool. The people I worked for were really nice to me and very chill with overtime. I got paid just a bit more than minimum wage and worked somewhere around 50 hours a week at times. It was a temporary seasonal job where I got to wear jeans and do crazy things with my hair and make-up. I didn’t have to cover my tattoos at all. My uniform was a bright orange T-shirt that said “Get Naked” on the front and “so we can dress you up” on the back. I basically oversaw the children’s portion of the store which meant I could organize things the way I wanted, request the coworkers I wanted, and play the music I wanted. I loved my supervisor and I made one of my really good friends there. That’s also where I learned to never date coworkers. 
What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had? I’d love to hear all about it!!!
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