Travel Tips- the Good, the Bad, and the Stupid

I travel a lot. That’s no secret. I don’t think I’m any kind of expert and I’m constantly looking for new tips and tricks to make things easier/faster/cheaper. It’s a work in progress!
Here is an assortment of tips I’ve come up with, tips I’ve heard, and things I just think are stupid.
I usually book with Expedia. A number of rewards companies have Expedia portals so you can earn points for them AND earn Expedia points. They do all kinds of promotions, especially if you book on the app. The majority of the points you earn will be for packages or hotels, flights earn very few BUT you still get your points with the airline too. I’ve booked at least one swanky hotel stay with points and paid next to nothing. 
Stuff things in your shoes- I agree but to an extent. Like, don’t put your cosmetics in your shoes. And if you put stuff in your shoes, put them in a bag inside your shoes. Who wants all their stuff smelling like the inside of a shoe???
You never know if you’re going to end up at a rodeo- A former friend said this to me once and I wanted to bash my head against a wall. This was an excuse for OVER packing. Um, if you didn’t buy a ticket to the rodeo, you probably aren’t going. And cowboy boots take up a lot of room. Pack for what you’re doing not every eventuality. Cuz then you can’t buy anything. No joke, when this girl had her luggage weighed at the counter, the attendant said “you’re at your limit, you literally can’t put anything else in, no shopping”. 
Don’t pack a million of one item. I’m mostly saying this to myself as I remind myself I do not need FIVE BLACK EYELINERS. I’m going to go with two. Just two. JUST TWO.
Contact lens cases are great for holding fake lashes. They don’t crush them. 
Don’t under-pack and not bring extra pants. The one time I did this I was caught in a monsoon, and sat in my only pair of pants in a foot of flood water. They weren’t dry the next day so I walked around town in damp pants. The grossest feeling ever. 
Don’t eat at Denny’s. Seriously, you are in a new fantastic place. Why eat the same stuff you eat at home and pay MORE since you’re in a tourist destination? WHY???
Take advantage of Groupon, Living Social, and Travel Zoo. So many discounts.
Test out any new beauty routine at home first. I did a test run with my new palettes to make sure I could get ready in under ten minutes. 
Cute make-up cases are great for your clean underwear. Just saying.
Got any great tips for me? I’m always on the lookout!
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