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It’s been a weird month.
After what I thought was the worst break-up ever, I realized, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Not only am I no longer attached to someone shady and dishonest, I have freedom to do whatever I want again. I don’t have to subconsciously wonder how my decisions impact his life. I don’t have to wonder if he’s lying to me. I don’t have to care at all. And it’s amazing. 
After a few weeks of feeling like I was run through a wood chipper, I woke up this week feeling almost blissfully happy every morning. I let myself be the unstable ex last week and stalked his Facebook and hers. And this week, I haven’t bothered. I just don’t even care. Why waste time and energy on someone who broke every promise, took things for granted, and in the end was never going to deserve me anyway? 
I also realized that I have amazing girlfriends. 
How could a girl ever get through anything without amazing girlfriends?
On that note, I’m dating. I have never really dated before. It’s been extremely interesting. I’ve met some great guys, some weird guys, some guys who were nice but just not for me. And of course some creeps.
That said, when guys are asking about me, I always think of my blog. I realized, I’m very protective of it. Yeah, it’s public and I have followers I’ve never met. But at the same time, I think I want to keep it to myself. I don’t even tell a lot of friends or family about it.

So here are some great things about my break-up:

I don’t have someone quizzing me about music I don’t care for.
I don’t have to force myself to like things I know I won’t like.
I don’t have someone making fun of everything I like.
Guys buy me dinner again. YES. I don’t mind splitting the bill, but I don’t have to pay the whole thing!
Someone tells me I’m pretty every single day.
If I want someone to talk to at any hour of the day, there’s someone waiting for me.
I don’t have to wonder why (not if) someone is lying to me.
There are no promises to break.
I can save the money I would have spent going to Pensacola and sign up for pilates again!
I can find someone who will really take care of me and let me take care of them.

So anyway, that is life lately. Hope you are all doing awesome!!!
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