Throwback Thursday

The time I held up the line because Kat Von D and I were chatting too much at Sephora.
As you’ve probably noticed by now, my Throwback posts are usually my various celeb encounters, VIP events, or comps. I swear, I’m not trying to brag about how fabulous my life is (my life is actually pretty boring most of the time). The truth is, I actually suffer from some rather severe depression (seriously unfabulous). One of the things that kind of helps even out my moods and make me feel better is scrapbooking some of the more awesome events of my life and remembering the good times when things seem pretty bland. And since this blog is kind of like my scrapbook, here it is. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

I love Kat Von D. I’m not crazy about her choices in men but she’s really a sweet person and every time I’ve seen her, she has been just delightful. I had gone to her book signing when she released her book and also to the release party at Tao. Both events were insanely crowded but this Sephora event for her fragrance line was actually quite organized. Apparently I was the only person in line who had been to her other events so we chatted about them for a bit until security had to stop us because we were holding up the line. I really love her work and the tattoos that she has; she’s so beautiful and I don’t really think that all her ink deflects from that at all. Such a fun visit to Sephora!
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