Only Child Problems

I’m an only child. 
It’s pretty great. My parents never left me home so I’ve seen a lot of the world and done a lot of cool things because I’m an only child. If there was more than one of me, I would never have gotten to go to all the places I’ve been. I grew up on action movies because my parents didn’t like any of the sitters. I think I’m a pretty intelligent person partly because growing up with just my parents, I learned how to have more stimulating conversations and my opinions were taken fairly seriously. 
On that note, I’ve noticed some issues.
I don’t understand the fundamentals of sharing very well. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing my stuff. But if there are certain rules that go with sharing, I don’t understand. I don’t borrow things ever. If I need something, I usually go out and buy it myself so I have my own. Maybe that’s the thing. I like to have my own things. If you want to borrow that’s cool, but I prefer to use stuff that’s mine.
I need attention. I’m not even going to pretend that’s not true. That said, I do have my limit with that. My ex was too attentive and that drove me nuts. Just make sure I feel included and not ignored. That is all.
I have a fear of abandonment. I’m not used to being alone a lot so when I am, sometimes I freak out.
Any other only children notice any of these or is it just me? 
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  • Jackie @ Our Nashville Life

    My husband is an only child and I come from a LARGE family. My husband feels like I'm mad at him if I'm not giving him my full attention. Whereas coming from a large family sometimes I'm just like "I'm not mad at you, but can't you just leave me alone to be by myself for a minute?". He also doesn't understand petty fights. My siblings and I would get into fights over the lamest stuff and then 2 seconds later be over it and back to playing with each other. My husband definitely never learned how to get over things quickly.

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