Throwback Thursday

The time I went to that first Playboy party and half the people were dressed like pirates.
Probably because it was pirate themed. Playboy events are always a little different; to get “selected”, you have to fill out an application and send in a cute photo. Little bit awkward. 
The one thing I love about the Playboy parties at the Palms was how elaborate they were. They really didn’t spare a lot of expense with the decor, the theme, and the entertainment (or the open bar in many cases). The themes were always a lot of fun too. 
And yes, there were girls in body paint.
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  • Rachel Morris

    I was staring at the mermaid 'cause I was trying to figure out if she's in a real pool or not.. is she a mermaid though? or she just wants to hang around the pool? 😀
    Seems like you had a great time!

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