Throwback Thursday

The time I graduated from college.
This was a fun day. I graduated in the winter semester so it was FREEZING and insanely windy that day. They made us wait outside since each “school” walked in separately and I incited a minor riot when I started bitching about how cold it was. The teachers loved that. 
My parents, grandparents, three closest friends, great aunt and cousins, and my dad’s best friend were all there. The ceremony felt insanely long. I made friends with the girls sitting next to me and we took pics and texted from our seats. 
After the ceremony I had lunch with my friends at Trader Vic’s before heading to the tattoo parlor for some new ink. After that, we all went and got ready for my graduation dinner (the family one was the day before). We went to Dick’s Last Resort where I ended up getting a lap dance from a guy with TACO tattooed on his stomach. I got a yard long drink filled with a bunch of liquors and got really drunk and then accidentally flashed a few people. After that we went to Thunder From Down Under so I could celebrate with my friends. These are probably the least raunchy pics I have since I was really really drunk, only 22, with a bunch of male dancer friends (one of which stuck my hand down his pants and that was awkward), and didn’t really know any better. Still… No hangover the next morning! 
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