Blogtober Day 15

Helene in Between

Day 15. Favorite quote and why-

This quote makes me really happy. I went through a really bad break-up over the summer. We had been together for over two years and I honestly at the time thought that this person was the love of my life. Now I’ve realized, I don’t know if I ever really loved him or just the idea of him. I know relationships are a lot of work but they shouldn’t be THAT much work. I should never have to constantly feel like I can’t trust someone, constantly have to defend the awful treatment when my friends point it out, constantly wonder when the brief stints of happiness will turn sour. A lot of history with a person doesn’t mean a lot of future with them.

While I was not the one who chose to end things, I’m so happy it’s over. I’ve never been good with goodbyes but this one needed to happen and frankly, should have happened about 18 months sooner. On that note, I understand that timing is everything because if it had ended much sooner, I still would have had to wait to meet someone who is just so wonderful, I’m happy every single day. Someone who makes me smile all the time. Someone who doesn’t criticize my difference in taste but appreciates it. Someone who doesn’t just ask about my day but wants it to be a good one.

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