Throwback Thursday

That time we had the huge dinner comp at Tao.
One of the great things about Vegas is that if you’re a girl and (extra points if you’re a local) have a big group of other girls, a handful of clubs and restaurants do comps. This can be open bars, comp tables/bottles, dinners, etc. It’s pretty awesome and worth asking about!
This particular occasion, my good friend Marissa had gotten a call from one of her friends who was assembling a group for a Tao comp. I’d heard awesome things about the Tao comps but had never been. Since Tao is a nightclub and a restaurant, they comped dinner for us, a couple rounds of drinks, and a couple drinks inside the club. Amazing deal, right? All we had to do was tip, of course.
The other comps I’d done were usually a couple shared appetizers and a family size entree. This was not the case. We got a round of cocktails, three different sushi rolls, fried rice, edamame, dumplings, a couple veggie sides, and a round of shots. I think we ordered dessert too just because we needed sugar after all that food! After dinner, we were escorted to the nightclub and given drink tickets. The club was already packed, so we hung around the balcony and took in the awesome view of the Venetian. It was a really fun night.
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