Blogtober Day 19 & Route 91 Day 03

Helene in Between

Day 19. What makes you happy-

I’m not going to lie. My emotions are frequently tied to those around me. I spent a long time being with someone who was miserable all the time so I ended up miserable too. It makes me happy to see the people I care about happy. I like making my friends and family happy.
I like being with happy people.

Being genuinely in love makes me happy. There’s no feeling like it. I’ve only felt that with two people in my life and I can’t wait to feel it again.

Additionally, country music makes me insanely happy. It’s my happy place, my little getaway from the Vegas craziness. It reminds me of home, it feels like real life, it’s genuine. Some of my best memories are tied to my favorite country songs.

Here is my post on Day 03 at Route 91. I actually caught three artists this day which was pretty nice- Dustin Lynch (LOVE him), Tyler Farr, and Jason Aldean. It was a bit quieter since it was a Sunday night which was actually even better. The weather was great and the show was awesome. Afterwards I headed to the Foundation Room for one of the nightly parties (I hadn’t been feeling well and missed the first two parties) and got to chat with Dustin Lynch! So cool! Great way to end an amazing weekend.

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