Blogtober Day 21 & Nashville Part 2

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Day 21. Dream Vacation- 

I have too many, this one is hard!!!

I think a month-long train trip around Europe would probably be my number one here. I would love to fly into London and take Eurostar to Paris and then Eurail to all the places I haven’t been to yet. I want to see the tulips and windmills in Holland. I want to have real Belgian waffles in Brussels. I want to go back to Copenhagen for more amazing Danishes. I’d love to go back to Interlochen in Switzerland and admire the views. I went to Europe several times as a child but I want to see what it’s like as an adult. And it would be nice to go with a significant other instead of mom and dad. lol

I’m not going to lie, Nashville has been one of my bucket list places for the last few years. I’ve been there several times but never really got to explore the city and all it’s country goodness as an adult and I had been dying for the perfect time to go for a long time.

My second day in Nashville was pretty crazy. We did a lot, so much in fact, that I’m splitting it into several parts. The only time I didn’t take any pics (whaaaaat) was at the Preds game because we were alternating between yelling and freezing. LOL

We spent our Monday morning in Franklin. While it was super adorable, I’ve spent so much time in historic town squares this year that it didn’t seem too unique, but was definitely still beautiful. We grabbed breakfast at the Franklin Mercantile. Amazing grits. Loved them.

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