Throwback Thursday

The time I went to a show just to see the opener and got to hang out with them all night.
One of my fave venues in Vegas was Wasted Space at the Hard Rock. It sadly is no longer there. Some of my fave shows were there and it is where I met my beloved AJ McLean. The venue was quite small and really private so the shows always felt more intimate and the bands more accessible.
I admit, I went to this Plain White Ts concert JUST for Danger Radio. They were one of my fave bands at the time and I’d first heard their song when their video played before a Chippendales show. So random. After their set, the band came out into the audience to enjoy the headliner and since we were crowded over by the bar, we started talking. I told them all about where I heard them first (which they thought was hilarious) and showed them the pics I took of the show (which they really liked). At one point one of the drunker patrons asked me if I wanted to stand in front of him so I could see better instead of hanging out with the openers. That was super nice but I explained to him that the openers were the reason I was there. Overall, a really fun night and to this day, one of my fave concert experiences.
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