Blogtober Day 28 & Tucson Day 1

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Day 28. Things You’re Superstitious about-

I’m not a really superstitious person. Here are a few things I avoid:

Crows. It’s a Chinese superstition and frankly, they’re a bit creepy.
Walking under ladders. Partly because I feel like stuff will fall on me and I’ll die.
Opening umbrellas indoors. It’s also quite difficult to get out the door like that.
Breaking mirrors. Mostly because of the broken glass.
Anything with multiple 6s. I once stayed in a hotel room numbered 666. Nothing happened.

Since this post is short, I’m combining it with my Tucson adventure part 1!

First let me start by saying it rained almost the entire trip. Not a problem, we love rain. Besides, it’s the desert. I flew in pretty late so by the time I got to my cousins’ house, we were pretty tired. The next morning we got breakfast at one of the cutest places called Prep & Pantry. It’s got what we unanimously agreed would be considered a “farmhouse chic” look. I had an amazing pork chili omelette and Karissa and I enjoyed some prickly pear margaritas.

After this, Shannon drove us up to a park that winds up a hill overlooking the city. Awesome view! Bit scary for those of us who hate heights. LOL We dropped him back off at the house and then Karissa and I headed to the Biosphere. We honestly weren’t 100% sure what it was to be completely candid. Apparently a couple decades ago, scientists decided to test sustainability and had eight people go into this building and live completely off the plants and animals inside the building. Clearly, I’m paraphrasing because it was way more scientific than that but basically, we walked through their different environments inside the Biosphere and got to see the plants, the “ocean”, and even a tropical rainforest.

After our explorations through the rain forest, we picked up Shannon and grabbed lunch at the Time Market. Adorable hipster spot. Great pizza and a pretty awesome food market with a random selection of goods including really great specialty sodas. I am a sucker for specialty sodas. We brought Shannon back to school and then wandered a few different shopping areas. My favorite was probably 4th Street, they had some really great shops and some cute cafes. The area by the University was really cool too but mostly restaurants. Pretty fun first day in Tucson with my cousins!

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