Ashley’s Wedding Part 2

I cannot believe it took me this long to post these. I seriously can’t believe Ash’s wedding was two months ago. When did that happen???

Looking back, the day really went by pretty fast.

After steaming the dresses, I ducked out of the bridal suite to visit the guys and get out of the photographer’s way (which it turns out was probably a really stupid idea). It’s so funny to see how small the groom’s suite is compared to the bride’s. The guys were in good spirits so I got some fun photos for them before leaving to hand out programs when the guests began to arrive.

There are hundreds of photos from the reception and ceremony so I posted just a few of my faves. I haven’t even finished editing (eek) so these basically capture the day.

I’ve honestly never had so much fun at a wedding before. I’ve never known quite so many of the people in and at the wedding either and while weddings are always wonderful, this has to be the best one yet since I got to watch one of my best friends in the world get hitched. 

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